Katie & Jason Wedding Film

When Jason asked me several months ago if I was available to film for him on July 29th, I said “Absolutely. But it’s my birthday, so all I ask is that you provide the birthday cake.” And sure enough, but not surprisingly, there was cake!

In an earlier post, I mentioned my favorite part of making wedding films. Another of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer and videographer is the opportunity I have to meet, work with, and become friends with such wonderful people. Katie & Jason (and their families) absolutely fall into this category!

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with a lot of BYU fans on their wedding day, but Katie and Jason take the cake on this category! To get their large group to get a good cheer going on the front steps of the Temple, I had to shout out “pretend that BYU just won the National Championship!” No other cue was needed after that! Such an awesome family! I’m also glad that I had a special BYU prop in my trunk that came in handy for one of the clips in this film.

Thanks so much to this happy couple for an awesome two days of filming and photographing!

Oh ya, and GO COUGARS!!! 😀

You can see some of their wedding photographs at http://daveneeley.com/weddings

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