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Desiree & Lorenzo Wedding Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

Julia & Glenn Reception Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

Maggie & Steven Reception Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

Ericka & Court Wedding Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

Last month I got to spend a Saturday at the most amazing location, The Hummingbird Nest Ranch Mansion in Simi Valley, California, with two awesome people that became great friends of mine within the past few years. Of course I was honored to fly down to film for them and once again work with William Innes from William Innes Photography.

Ericka and Court… what can I say other than “Wow! What a fantastic looking couple!!!” Days like this make being a wedding videographer even more cool than it usually is (which is pretty cool)!

Annalisa & Mark Reception Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.


Tiffany & Jared Wedding & Reception Film from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

I filmed for Tiffany’s brother earlier this year at the San Diego Temple, and was honored to head this time to the Los Angeles Temple for Tiffany and Jared’s wedding. As you will see in the film, it was another absolutely beautiful day in Southern California. I left the 25 degree weather in Salt Lake at 6:50 in the morning and was enjoying the sunshine a few hours later when I stepped outside of LAX.

A very fun day, a fun bride and groom, and an awesome wedding date: 11-11-11.

Congrats Tiffany and Jared!

Great Father-Daughter Wedding Dance from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

In all my years filming at weddings and wedding receptions, this has got to be the best father-of-the-bride moment I’ve been able to witness. Congratulations to Tiffany and her awesome dad!

Jeff & Lauren Reception Video from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

After the wedding, we took a drive through some beautiful neighborhoods in Northern California on our way to the wedding reception. I haven’t spent much time in San Francisco, Oakland, or Sacramento, but from what I’ve seen on this trip, it sure is a pretty part of California.

We had a blast at the reception. Jeff’s nieces were constantly dancing, which you’ll see on this reception video. It was a fun crowd to be with for the evening.

And for your information, no one got hurt as Jeff sped out of the parking lot! 🙂

Clean Up

Clean Up! from DaveNeeley.com on Vimeo.

At every wedding and reception that I’m filming at, I try to do something creative and clever for my clients. At this particular reception, I came up with this idea!

The family loved seeing this in the DVD! I think of all the “Extra Features” that I’ve created over the past several years, this one might be my favorite!

Song: “Trashing up the Camp” by Phil Collins and N’SYNC

Location: Jake and Rachel’s Wedding Reception. Palmdale, CA